Badges and Awards

Even though the emphasis is on a Programme that is balanced with a variety of activities, there are still badges and awards for Beaver Scouts to aim for during their time with the Colony. Badges and awards are given in recognition of the effort made by each young person at their own level.

The Membership Award

This Award helps the young person understand the commitment they are making when they make the Promise and become a Member of the Movement. It covers the history, traditions and practices of Scouting.

Joining In Awards

The Joining In Awards recognizs a commitment to Scouting. They celebrate Beaver Scouts participating in a Balanced Programme over a period of time. They are awarded on the anniversary of the young person joining Scouting.


The Challenges complement the Balanced Programme. These have been developed to extend Beaver Scouts’ skills and experience in a particular area. There are six Challenges in the Beaver Scout Section:

  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Friendship Challenge
  • Promise Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Creative Challenge
  • Global Challenge

Activity Badges

Activity Badges are optional, but they provide an opportunity to reward a young person who has taken part in an activity over a period of time. They should raise interest and extend a young person’s skills throughout their time in Scouting. There are 12 Beaver Scout Activity Badges:

  • Adventure
  • Air Activities
  • Animal Friend
  • Creative
  • Experiment
  • Explore
  • Faith
  • Health & Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Hobbies
  • Imagination
  • Safety

Staged Activity Badges

In addition to the Beaver Scout Activity Badges, there are six Activity Badges staged across all the Sections, which gives a young person the opportunity to develop an area of interest throughout their time in Scouting from 6 – 18. They are:

  • Emergency Aid
  • Hikes Away
  • Information Technology
  • Musician
  • Nights Away
  • Swimmer

Partnership Awards

Partnership Awards are designed to encourage Sections to work together, and for Scouts to work with other young people in their community. There are three Partnership Awards:

Chief Scout’s Bronze Award

This badge is the highest award available in the Beaver Scout Section. It is gained by completing:

  • Creative Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Friendship Challenge
  • Global Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Promise Challenge

The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award can be worn on the Cub Scout Uniform once they move onto Cubs.

The Moving-On Award

This helps ease the transfer of a Beaver Scout to the Cub Scout Pack. It also allows the Beaver Scout to be invested into the Pack immediately, recognising that they are already Members of the Scout Movement.

Badge Placement